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30 things about myself

Have you seen Kerrie's 30 things about herself on hipknits blog?

As I love this kind of lists, I will participate and list 30 things about myself. I'll start with the things I share with Kerrie. (Sorry, but this list is so long, I can only provide you with an English version.)

1. I love music, especialy Jazz. Still most of the time I much prefer silence when I'm in the house or car on my own. Sometimes I listen to audio books in the car, but since my husband listens to another one and the kids still to another one, it often takes me nearly the entire ride to find where I stopped last time. On Saturday I bought myself a new CD "Bebo y Cigala".

2. I'm rubbish at remembering to put on make up.

3. I would like to drop a dress size but don't have the time or the inclination to do anything about it.

4. I love to read. Most happy when I have a book or knitting in my hands.

5. Roses and hibiscii are my favourite flowers.

6. I love lists. Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists. Love them

7. I'm obsessed with handbags, I love them. The more room in them the better so that I can carry round lots and lots of junk.

8. I love sushi. It is my favourite dish.

9. I love shoes, but lately I cannot find any who are comfy and chic at the same time. I have spent nearly an hour on the Weekend trying on shoes, but either they were not comfy or I did not like them or they were not my size!

10. I love tea. Tea is my main beverage.

11. I love dark chocolate.

12. Yoga is just my thing. I look forward to a time where I will have more opportunity to exercise regularly. I dream of attending a class by Anna Trökes.

13. The children's books I check out or buy are not solely for my kids. I have always enjoyed reading good kid's novels.

14. I am a novel reader. I prefer novels to any other genre.

15. I start the day with a bowl of chocolate muesli and an Actimel poured over it. I always make a cup of tea with it, but most of the times have to leave before it has turned cold enough to drink.

16. I don't like to be talked to before I have taken my shower in the morning.

17. I never learned to play an instrument properly (I do not count flute instruction at school as proper instruction).

18. I love London.

19. Want to give me a special treat? Invite me to the Opera.

20. I am not a dog person, nor is anybody in my family. I would have a cat if my husband weren't allergic to their fur.

21. I started as a cotton knitter and still love it, but appreciate the comparative lightness of wool.

22. My first sweater was knitted from 100 % polyacrilic - only thing I could affort as a pupil. In the 80s I wouldn't touch acrilycs, but lately I don't mind it in a blend with a majority of natural fibres.

23. I cannot remember ever having knitted lace. But I hope to change this later this year. (I love that black lace scarf in that Japanese knitting book).

24. In the autumn, I hope to have time to try dyeing yarn.

25. I have an oral exam in French at the end of July.

26. I love color. My favourite color at present is red. I wear a lot of red, even wore it to my job interview (although this is not recommended). I got the job!

27. When I was much younger, I had over 40 penpals around the globe.

28. I still write regularly to my very first penpal, whom I have known for more than 25 years now!

29. I even visited some of my penpals and I always enjoyed the stay in a family. I still prefer it to the tourist vacation, although with a family of 4 a separate accomodation has its advantages.

30. I was not excited about turning 30 and am even less so about approaching 40.
12.6.06 10:20

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